I'm Pascal Nosenzo, currently residing in Mechelen, Belgium. My main focus is teaching web development at the KdG College in Antwerp, Belgium and being a freelancer working on a variety of development and design projects.

I wrote my first line of code in 2011 and quickly became fascinated by the fact that the world could be reduced to and controlled by just a handful of conditions and operators. Ever since writing that first ternary operator I've been unable to put away the keyboard.

I am convinced that programming languages are doing today what Gutenberg's presses did during the Renaissance. If .. then ... else has become a lingua franca which is just as important Arab, Mandarin or English. It allows us to solve problems that would otherwise would be nearly impossible to solve. As a result it offers us a completely different way to experience the world we are currently living in.

The focus of my work is not so much on the content, but more about how the piece has been dictated and shaped. The production of a piece usually happens haphazardly, a serendipitous visual byproduct of something that fits into a bigger picture. In this process I manipulate different media with programming languages like Processing and JavaScript