The art is absent (2013)

  • About

    Made using JavaScript and Processing.js. Works in Chrome, Firefox and IE10+.

    Choose one of the example images you want to process or upload your own by dragging your image to the "drop image here" pane or by clicking on the pane and selecting your image. With the image in place, you can then select your processor. You can also cycle through the processors by using the left or right arrow keys. Images that have a big variety in brightness work best.

    The processors will take any image, but depending on the image dimension (not file size) it might take longer to process. The processing might take a while to load and cause the browser window to freeze and especially handheld devices tend to take quite a long time to process an image.

    You can save the processed image by clicking the download button underneat the processed image. This wil return a transparent png-file. The total amount of downloads is limited to 25 for each processor. Each image will have a unique code in the file name which can be used to verify authenticity. Not saving the image will not count as a download.

    Let me know if you have any questions or remarks.

  • Disclaimer

    Skull image taken from Pablo Alexandros Ortelli.

    Girl image taken from goldpixel's tumblr, which has some very interesting processed images of the same picture.

    Boy image taken from Belgian artist Stromae.